Did You Know That Dr.Dre Didn't Gain Most Of His Wealth Thanks To His Music But Due To His…


The reason why Dr. Dre has gone from rags to riches in his career is not just because of his rapping skills but due to his intuitive business acumen as well.


It has been reported that in 2012 Dr. Dre has been the highest paid musician according to Forbes magazine. If you are still wondering how he earned the top spot in the charts without releasing a single album for quite some time, you probably haven’t heard about his company Beats by Dre.

For 2012 he earned the astonishing 110 million $ in revenue just by selling his classy and crazy popular headphones which were none the less put under a lot of scrutiny for their high price and mediocre sound quality.


Regardless of all the controversial opinions, Dre and his partners made an even bolder move by selling 51% stake of their company to HTC. The technology company has made an impressive $300 million investment in Beats by Dre and expects high returns for cooperating with Dre’s mega brand. According to different speculations Dre’s take on this deal equaled somewhat in between $150-175 million.


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