Did You Know That Dr. Dre Is About To Become A…


Rapper Dr. Dre is about to become the first billionaire in hip-hop. Recently, Forbes magazine announced he is the second richest hip hop artist after P. Diddy. However, Dre is about to sign a contract with the tech giant Apple worth $3,2 billion which will increase his income for the current year with 25 per cent.

Image Source: WIKIPEDIA
Image Source: WIKIPEDIA

The music producer who hasn’t released any new songs lately bragged about becoming a billionaire in the social media and announced that he is having a huge party to celebrate the good news. Understandably,a lot of people came to Dre’s event and partied with him consuming some of the finest foods and drinks the world has to offer. Reportedly, Dr. Dre’s state will go up with not less than $550 to $800 million. Third in the rating of the most wealthiest rappers comes Beyonce’s husband, Jay Z, whose state is reported to be $520 million.


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