Did You Know That Drug sniffing dogs are wrong as often as 80%…


Police dogs trained to sniff illegal substances have been of great help to police officers but recent findings show that dogs are wrong in as many as 80% of all cases. Dogs are trained to sit or dig during a car search when they smell something illegal but very often dogs can sense even the residue smell left after the illegal substances have been sold or basically removed from a vehicle.


However, experts state that crucial for a dog’s success rate in discovering illegal substances is appropriate training. If a dog is not trained well it could be expected to give wrong signals about the presence of something illegal which would lead to unwanted searches and car delays.

A bill in 2007 was meant to create certain standards regarding police dogs qualifications which all animals would have to meet in order to remain working. However, the bill passed in the House but later died in a Senate committee.


According to dog handlers for a dog to be trustworthy it needs to undergo extensive training as well as maintain a perfect connection with its human partner.


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