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Did you know that Dunkin' Donuts are being sued over their…


People never seem to learn that the term “hot coffee” means the beverage will be boiling hot, to say the least.


According to official reports, a 24 year old woman from New Jersey is slamming Dunkin’ Donuts with a lawsuit for an accident, which took place in late 2012. Jennifer Fragoso, the 24 year old plaintiff, claims that the coffee house giant owes her for an accident, which occurred with a cup of their extra hot apple ciders. According to the woman, she was sitting in her car in September 2012 when the lid of her cup fell off and she got burned by the unbearably hot cider. Although the woman was immediately treated at a local hospital on the same day, she claims she received multiple second and third degree burns on her thighs and that she was left with bad scars for the rest of her life.


Similar cases have occurred through the years, although the company which is being sued, is usually McDonald’s.


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