Did you know that Elvis’ false tooth goes on UK tour to….


If you love the late King of Rock n Roll’s music, would you travel to the UK in order to follow his false tooth on tour?


Back in the day Henry J Weiss, Elvis’ dentist, made a dental crown for Elvis, which is about to be as useful following the King’s death as it was during his lifetime. The tooth, which has been labeled as “The King’s Crown”, is about to hit the UK in a special tour that will feature 10 Presley impersonators. The Presleys and the “Crown” are hitting 11 gigs in order to raise awareness of mouth cancer. The first leg of the tour is set to be Malvern.


The “Crown” was bought off during an auction back in February 2012. The buyer was Michael Zuk, the Canadian dentist who became famous after buying off John Lennon’s tooth in order to try to make a cloned baby from Lennon’s DNA. The dental crown of the late Presley was auctioned for £6,500 (nearly $11,000).


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