Did You Know That Eminem Appeared As British Artificial Intelligence Avatar Max Headroom In…


In his new music video ‘Rap God’ Eminem is featured as British digital character Max Headroom. The first scene of the video shows the platinum blonde rapper wearing a black suit, tie and sunglasses looking very similar to the artificial intelligence avatar. Afterwards the singer is depicted looking much more like what we are used to seeing him : wearing a hoodie while engaged in a rap battle. Next, Eminem is shown with wires attached to his head while information is downloaded into his brain.


Eminem, listed as one of the greatest artists of all times by numerous magazines, shared his new video with his 16 million followers on Twitter. The video is full of references to a wide range of subjects including the rapper musical influences, the scandal with ex US president Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky as well as other events.


Critics have claimed that Eminem “raps like a robot” and the rapper addresses the accusations in his explicit lyrics style in his new video. Eminem’s latest album Marshal Mathers LP 2 and the single ‘Rap God’ debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 200 chart.


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