Did You Know That Eminem Was Offered The Lead Role In The Sci-Fi Movie 'Elysium' But He Turned It Down Due To…


Being a high-profile star and actor in Hollywood is not an easy task these days. Obviously, the news about the rap legend Eminem turning down the offer to be the lead in the sci-fi blockbuster “Elysium” disappointed some of his fans.

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Marshal Matters decided to turn down the offer of director Neill Blomkamp because one of his most important conditions was refused to be met. The rap star wanted the movie to be shot in his home city of Detroit. Unfortunately for Eminem, this was an impossible condition for the director.


Eminem is quite famous for supporting his home city Detroit in whatever way he can. He’s attached to his community by all means. Some think he’s overly attached though.

However, Eminem’s refusal turned out to be good news for Matt Damon. The star was the director’s third choice for the part. Before Eminem, the South African rap star Ninja was offered the lead but the rapper from the group Die Antwoord refused as he didn’t want his first movie to be about an all American character fighting for his life.


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