Did You Know That Emma Watson Left University Because, Allegedly, Her Colleagues Were ….


Emma Watson, who became known worldwide thanks to the movies about the famous wizard, was a straight A student just like her character Hermione Granger. At least up until she went to Brown University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world.


In 2011 Watson dropped out of Brown stating that she couldn’t handle the pressure of juggling her career, her education and her other responsibilities. She wrote a message on her website to her fans that she would still finish her education although it would probably take two additional semesters. However, the real reason behind her actions wasn’t that she couldn’t fit the university into her busy schedule.
Allegedly, Watson had been an exceptional student even during her stay at Brown but her colleagues weren’t very friendly. Whenever she would give a correct answer in class, they would make fun of her quoting the ‘Harry Potter’ movies and giving her points for her answer as if she was sitting in a Hogwarts classroom. Apparently, students at Brown are not big fans of Harry, Hermione or the whole gang.


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