Did you know that Erasing bad memories may soon be…


You’ve probably wished at least once in your lifetime you could just erase bad memories and events from your memory for good. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and our minds don’t work on demand this way. However, according to a team of scientists, we could actually be able to erase awful memories – well, kind of.

Image Source: WIKIPEDIA
Image Source: WIKIPEDIA

Xenon gas, which is usually used in anaesthesia, has been tested on lab rats in relation to bad memories and the negative emotions they bring. The tests proved that the gas has the ability to block those cells that recall memories from linking with that part of our brains that is producing emotions. In other words, Xenon doesn’t really erase memories. What it does, however, is suppress the emotional attachment to certain events. This way they just remain in the past and our brain doesn’t produce an emotional reaction to them.


The positive tests have given hope to the scientists, who believe they can soon make Xenon gas available for frustrated people via asthma inhalers, which will rid them of negative emotions caused by memories.


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