Did You Know That "Escape From Tomorrow" Is The First Disney Horror Movie To…


“Escape from Tomorrow”, written by Randy Moore, premiered at Sundance this January. The film was shot in Disneyland and Walt Disney World without permission from Walt Disney. The cast and crew used some “guerrilla filmmaking techniques”, such as reading the script from their iPhones. The project was shot mostly by handheld video cameras, similar to those used by tourists in the parks.


Moore was so determined to keep the project a secret from Walt Disney that he even edited it in South Korea after the shooting was complete. After its premiere on Sundance the film became one of the most talked about productions in 2013.


It’s still not clear what Disney has to say about this project. Though shooting in the parks violated Disney’s rules, Moore cunningly avoided the copyright infringement of songs or films played as part of the Disney attractions by ensuring that they were removed from all scenes. If Disney were to file a lawsuit, it would generate further publicity for the film and its director.


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