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Every Single Face You’ve Seen In Your Dreams Is Actually Of Someone You’ve Seen While Awake


Dreaming while sleeping is one of the most mysterious and amazing experiences in our lives. The existence of dreams has fascinated artists, writers and philosophers for thousands of years but only lately have the products of our imagination been researched and studied. The odds are that you often wake up wondering over the mysterious meaning of your dream.



Dreams have extraordinary qualities. They could be incredibly vivid and feel like real or they could be extremely vague. Usually, dreams are connected with experiencing strong emotions combined by a variety of images. Both could be either happy and joyful or scary and even horrific. What is even more interesting about dreaming is that the human mind can’t invent the faces we see in our dreams. A widely accepted concept is that we tend to see faces of complete strangers that we have seen somewhere during our lives and subconsciously remember them. This way when we dream the random faces emerge so our brain can utilize them as characters and fill the gaps in our mental picture.


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