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Did You Know That Every Time You Donate To A Boston Homeless Person Justin Bieber Loses A….


Panhandling is a term that refers to the practice of approaching strangers and begging for cash. Panhandlers usually display signs with a certain message that proves their poor financial status. Most of the time such people panhandle either for money or food and clothes. But there are some really committed beggars out there who walk around the streets with the most unusual signs on display.


For example, Robert Darling is famous for walking around once a week in Manhattan holding a sandwich sign that says he is looking for a rich wife. Sadly,  in the last 10 years the man hasn’t accomplished his goal.

There are others cases in which people are doing the exact opposite process called “reverse panhandling” just to make others feel god. There is a person who walks around happily with a sign saying he wants to donate to others and gives away money to people who stop by. But by far the best type of panhandling is the one against controversial celebrities.


While Justin Bieber has his fair share of “Beliebers” worldwide, there are some people who do not like him at all. One person who disliked Justin Bieber so much he decided to panhandle against him by holding a sign with the following message: “Every time you donate…… Justin Bieber loses a fan”. The homeless person is hoping to gather as many donations as there are people in the singer’s fan base.


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