Did you know that Facebook helped this man reunite with his lost…


An elder man from Texas, US, was reunited with his missing dog Ace thanks to the power of Facebook.
Milk carton boxes are no longer doing the trick, since Facebook holds the power not only to influence the youth of today, but also to help elderly people by reuniting them with their missing pets.

Image Source: Tommy Filla/Facebook
Image Source: Tommy Filla/Facebook

The pooch in question, which originally belonged to a man, named Leroy Filla, was found more than 1,000 miles away from its hometown of Granger, Texas, US. The doggie was discovered in South Carolina. A bunch of people took care of the dog before his original owners were found through Facebook. Eventually, the word was spread over to a driver – Kelly Warr – who was more than willing to drive the dog back to the Filla family. Thanks to Facebook, Kelly was able to drive Ace back to Leroy Filla and his family. The man and his dog were once again reunited.

Leroy’s son, Tommy Filla, was more than kind enough to upload a video capturing the joyful moment of his father’s reunion with Ace. The video portrays the elder man playing with his newly found pet as the two of them are enjoying each other’s company once again. The footage became an instant hit on Facebook and after it was picked up by a few news agencies, it quickly became viral. Leroy’s son said that his father couldn’t express his gratitude to every single person, who took part in making the reunion a reality and not just a dream – Kelly Warr, Brannon Lewis, and Jessica Nielsen. Tommy also shared that even though his father couldn’t quite grasp the way in which the social media has helped him, he was still appreciative of Facebook and the people, who helped him reunite with his lost dog.


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