Did You Know That Facebook Helped Track Down A Man Who Kicked….


Once again the social network has proved very efficient in fighting crime. A man who has been identified as Andre Robinson was caught on tape kicking an innocent animal. The cruel man first lured the unsuspecting cat and then told his friends to watch as he kicked the feline really hard.

The animal which was supposedly a stray one flew more than 20 feet away and landed behind bushes. Robinson’s horrible deed was videoed and posted online and it soon became viral as many people shared it in the hopes of finding the man and punishing him.

Image Souce: YOUTUBE
Image Souce: YOUTUBE

Vets who watched the video have stated that such a kick is very likely to cause serious injury to an animal. Several reports stated that the cat has been found alive and well and taken care of but the police couldn’t guarantee the veracity of such reports. However, Robinson has been arrested for his criminal assault.


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