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Facebook is attempting to kill the username and password sign-up method with their newest product, the Account Kit.

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The username and password combo has been around for as long as you can remember. And the option to sign up on some service through Facebook has been around for nearly a decade. But now the social networking giant is aiming at removing this method with a new product they are pushing towards app developers from all over the world.

The Account Kit is actually a special tool kit for app developers, which intends not only to simplify the programmer’s job, but also to get rid of the username and the password sign-up option. Instead of signing up on some service or application with these two valuable metrics or simply by using the Facebook sign-up form, this new extension of the good old Facebook sign-up/sign-in system will be using another combination – an e-mail account and a phone number. The tool kit will allow developers to send text messages to users or e-mails in order to confirm their account when they are signing up for a new app/ service or when they’re trying to sign into their already existing account.


While singing up for an app or web service through Facebook’s sign-up system is without a doubt important for Facebook’s revenue, killing the username and the password method is actually better for business. By using the Account Kit app and web developers would bring in more revenue to the social networking giant rather than using the Sign Up Through Facebook option, because this way many more developers would be using the company’s platforms and tool kits.

The new Account Kit is currently available for clients all over the world and it’s compatible with various web platforms, Android and iOS.


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