Did You Know That Facebook Users Saved A Little Girl's Vision By….


Tara Taylor recently uploaded a photo of her daughter Rylee on Facebook. It was just a regular photo but some eagle-eyed social network users noticed something rather disturbing in one of the little girl’s eyes.


One of little Rylee’s eyes was glowing on the picture which is often a sign of a health issue. Of course, there was a huge chance it could just be the lighting but people alerted Tara and advised her to have Rylee’s vision checked just for good measure.


Worried for her daughter, Tara took her to the doctor’s and an eye exam revealed that she had Coats’ disease, a serious condition which untreated could lead to blindness. Dr. Jorge Calzada, the specialist who diagnosed Rylee, explained that the condition is usually found by chance as children normally won’t alert their parents that they can’t see out of one eye. Unfortunately, when a child or their parents become aware that their vision is impaired is when sight is lost in both eyes.


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