Did you know that Facebook’s new feature will warn people if somebody is pretending to…


Social networking giant Facebook has just introduced a new feature and it aims at warning people with duplicated or cloned accounts that somebody is pretending to be them on the social media.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

People often say that imitation is one of the most straightforward form of flattery. However, if you’re not a celebrity and somebody has decided to create a fake Facebook profile posing as you, you shouldn’t see this as flattery. You should be worried about it!

Facebook has adapted a brand new feature, which will aim at fighting the tons of fake profiles on the social media. Years ago the website tried to bring the cloned accounts and the fakes to minimum with the “real name” policy, but that didn’t stop many Internet users from posing as other people on Facebook. Fortunately, the new feature looks like it could be more useful than the name policy. As it turns out, this new addition will actually notify users that somebody is trying to impersonate them. The targeted user will have to provide personal information in order to confirm that he or she is indeed the person they are claiming to be. After Facebook confirms which profile is the real one, it will flag the cloned profile as fake. According to official reports, the company has already made this new feature available to around 70% of all Facebook users. Of course, Facebook’s help section also has a specific section, where users can report fake or cloned profiles as well.


The head of global safety for Facebook, Antigone Davis, claims that the new feature will help not only those, who are tired of seeing fake or cloned profiles, but will also aid those users, who might be potentially threatened by somebody, who is not only pretending to be them, but is also stealing their personal information.


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