Did you know that fans of the band Creed sued them for $2 million after they…


In November 2001 the American rock band Creed released their most successful and commercially bestselling album entitled “Weathered”. However, the promotional tour for the album was less than flattering for the band.

In 2002, lead vocalist Scott Stapp suffered a concussion in a car accident. The band’s tour was delayed. Stapp developed an addiction toalcohol, Percocet, steroids, Xanax and other medications, which he used even during the tour. This was one of the reasons the band started breaking up. All of this led to an absolutely catastrophic concert in December 2002 in Illinois. Stapp was drunk, drugged and completely incapable of singing the lyrics to a single song. The fans were disappointed, to say the least.

Four of them filed a lawsuit against the band for almost $2, 000,000. They demanded full ticket and parking cost refunds for all 15,000 fans who attended the show. The lawsuit was dismissed at court and Stapp denied the accusations. He did later admit being wasted during the performance, but still denied being incoherent.


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