Did You Know That Fast Food Can Make Beautiful Art…


Fast food is known for its strong influence on human health and, allegedly, mind. A fast food meal’s tasty flavor is so delicious that it brings people an instant surge of happiness. That’s what makes this type of food so addictive and enjoyable after all.


But recently researchers from the University of Toronto published a groundbreaking study which claims the mere thought of fast food actually hampers our ability to savor the joyous moments in life. The researchers tested their theory by rounding up more than 250 test participants divided into 2 groups. The first group were shown pictures of fast food meals. Then they were asked to rate exactly how much happiness they derived from photos of outstanding natural landscapes.

The staggering result was that those who were subjected to fast food imagery rated substantially lower their enjoyment from those who hadn’t. The experiment was later repeated with classical music and the results were the same.


According to the researchers our minds subconsciously connect fast food with impatience and hunger above all which means that we no longer feel we have the time to savor the finer intangible stuff like art and beauty, for example.



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