Did you know that FB tracks everything you type even if you….


You probably know that the social networking website Facebook is keeping track of everything that’s been typed in its search bar. In other words, Facebook knows just how many times you’ve been stalking your ex and his/her new partner. But apart from keeping track on the search, the site’s system is also keeping track of everything that users type in the comment or status boxes, even if they don’t end up posting it.


Reports state that a Facebook employee and data scientist Adam Kramer spent 17 days co-working with a student, identified as Sauvik Das, in order to study 3.7 million profiles on the website. The duo studied the HMTL data of each profile and found that 71% of those 3.7 million users haven’t even posted those comments or status updates that they’ve written in the comment boxes.


Since Facebook’s HTML elements show changes whenever characters and words are being written or erased, Kramer and Das easily made their conclusion, which actually shows that male users tend to not post what they’ve written more than females do.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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