Did you know that Firefighters had to free a man trapped in a washing…


A team of Australian firefighters had to free a 22 year old man, who got stuck in a washing machine.
A bunch of firefighters from Lakemba, Australia, shared one of the craziest experiences they have ever had. According to official reports, they were called to the rescue on the 26th of this July to an unnamed man’s home.

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The 22 year old guy had his legs stuck in a washing machine and had been trapped nearly to his waist. The firemen had to work their way around the front-loading machine in order to free him from his own trap.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t pull out the man’s limbs from the sticky situation, so they eventually decided to dismantle the machine altogether. It took the several men around an hour to break the washer into pieces in order to free the poor man. The team of firefighters took several pictures of the work in progress and posted them on their social media keeping the public tuned on how things were going. The men eventually managed to help the poor guy, who was later taken to a nearby hospital for a check-up.
The reports show that the 22 year old had been stuck in the washer for nearly 3 hours before the firefighters came to his rescue. Furthermore, it appears that the man was the one to blame for the freaky situation. The reports state that the unnamed guy is “mildly autistic”, which means that he decided to stick his limbs in the washing machine. The firefighters stated that he was calm throughout the whole process, even though he was in visible pain.

A spokesperson for the local fire department said that the 22 year old man had been stuck in the washer before and that the whole operation had been one of the strangest things the Australian firemen have had to deal with.


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