Did you know that For $5,000 you can permanently change your eye color from brown to blue with…


A high-tech laser can permanently change your eyes from brown to blue for the rest of your life. That is, of course, if you have a spare $5,000.

Image Source: PIXABAY.COM
Image Source: PIXABAY.COM

If you were born with brown eyes and you’ve wished you could have baby blues, you can forget about colorful contact lenses. The future is here – a high-tech laser, which is capable of changing one’s eye color permanently.

It is scientifically proven that brown eyed people actually have blue eyes, but a thin layer of pigmentation in their irises is making their eyes appear as though they are brown. In fact, if you removed that thin layer of brown pigment, you will actually end up with blue eyes. And this is exactly the function of this futuristic laser. Stroma Medical, a California-based company, is the one standing behind this groundbreaking technology. The company’s laser is based on a low-energy frequency, which is guided by a computer. The laser passes through the clear cornea area of your eyes and breaks down the brown pigment of the iris. It sounds as if it would take ages and tons of procedures, but the company claims that one single procedure is all you need in order to end up with blue eyes permanently. The said procedure is 30 seconds long and the results can be clearly seen after around two weeks later.


It all sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? In fact, Stroma Medical’s laser hasn’t even been approved in the US yet and it’s still undergoing testing. However, the company claims not a single one of the tested people has experienced any inflammation, injury, pain, discomfort or any other eye-related problems.

If the technology gets approved, the procedure will cost around $5,000.


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