Did you know that Former interns are suing the twins Mary-Kate…


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the world’s favorite twin sisters, are being sued by some former interns.
The twins, who celebrated their 29th birthday earlier this June, kicked off their show biz careers back in the 90s with that series of iconic pre-teen and teen movies shot all across the globe. Nowadays they have ditched their movie careers and have established their names in the fashion industry. But it seems like it’s not all glamor and glitter, since some of the twin’s former interns are now suing their companies for unpaid wages, health related problems and overall awful working conditions.

Image Source: WIKIPEDIA
Image Source: WIKIPEDIA

According to official reports, a total of 40 former interns have filed a lawsuit against the Olsen twins and some other interns have tried to sue them individually as well. The reports claim that the interns have been forced to work in absolutely awful conditions – 50 hours per week, multiple tasks at a time. One of the girls, who is suing the twins, claims she has managed the work of 3 people instead of just hers, that she has been working day and night and that she has been hospitalized after getting severely dehydrated thanks to the harsh conditions of the job. Furthermore, she claims that all the stress and the rest of the staff members have led to a number of health related problems.


The multiple lawsuits claim that the girls haven’t been paid for their internships and on top of it all they haven’t even received any college credit for their hard work. While all of this sounds quite troubling, the interns aren’t suing Mary-Kate and Ashley directly. They claim that they never worked with the twins, so they are suing only their company because of the fact that their team of employees treated them wrongfully.


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