Did you know that French city is calling on Batman in order to…


As ridiculous as it may sound, Marseille, the second largest city in France, has started a petition for Batman. The famous masked comic character, who fights crime during the night, is needed to save the city from crime.


How did this start? 61-year-old Jacques Blondel tried to stop a robbery and paid with his life. Whether he took to heart 3 Doors Down’s Kryptonite video, comic books, or Ben Affleck’s movie, the man’s fate was unfortunate. He was shot, trying to fight off a gang of robbers using a swatter and pepper spray. The robbers were holding up a tobacco store when Blondel tried to save the day.


Apart from this case, the city has seen more than 10 gang-related murders this year and many other crime scenes. The government is trying to fight crime but is struggling. Thus, a mock online petition, entitled “Will It Take Batman To Save Marseille?” is appealing for the superhero to come to the rescue. It even has a Facebook page and it states that Marseille is in need of more action.


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