Did you know that From 1995-2001 one man cheated the McDonalds Monopoly game and walked away with


For many decades McDonald’s has been giving away big monetary and smaller consolation prizes to those lucky people who manage to collect a certain number of type of Monopoly pieces during the McDonald’s Monopoly game’s runtime.


The fast food giant has been promoting its products with the game thanks to the billions of people out there who are trying to win the big prize of $1 million. One of the men working at Simon Marketing Inc., the main figure behind McDonald’s’ promotions, thought of something genius. He would steal the million dollar winning Monopoly pieces and use a number of family friends or acquaintances in order to claim the prizes. Since neither he, nor his family, were allowed to participate in the game, those acquaintances would pay him the prizes later knowing they were paying only to a man going by the nickname “Uncle Jerry”.


For a period of 6 years Uncle Jerry, whose real name is Jeromy Jacobson, managed to steal $20 million from McDonald’s before the police caught up with his schemes. 


Written by Patrick Bennet

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