Did You Know That George H. W. Bush Vomited On Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa At…


Even people of highest ranking make blunders sometimes. This was the case with President George H.W. Bush who vomited on the Japanese Prime Minister Miyazawa. It happened during an official dinner held in 1992 in Japan.


Bush didn’t feel well earlier on the unfortunate evening and his doctor advised him not to go to the dinner. However, President Bush didn’t follow his doctor’s recommendation and attended the banquet anyway. Unfortunately, he felt sick, vomited on the Japanese Prime Minister and fainted.

The accident provoked serious concerns about his health which were further exaggerated by the fact that in the previous year George H.W. Bush had been diagnosed with Graves’s disease and atrial fibrillation. His doctor examined him carefully, took his blood pressure, made an ECG and ran all kinds of tests. Fortunately, the President was diagnosed with a 24-hour flu.


Even though his health wasn’t at risk, the official dinner in 1992 became an unforgettable experience and many people consider it a huge blunder.


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