Did you know that Gingerbread house is going up for sale for…


A Craigslist ad is selling a gingerbread house for the cosmic $4.5 million!

Image Source: Ari Ron/
Image Source: Ari Ron/

One guy, named Ari Ron, decided to make a point regarding the cosmic costs of real estate in his native Vancouver, so he chose to take his sorrows to Craigslist by satirizing the cost of apartments and houses in the area with his very own homemade gingerbread house.


So, what did Ron doe exactly? He baked a 1×9 inch gingerbread house – fully decorated with a Christmas theme and a front yard consisted of edible candy and glittered pinecones – and decided to put it up for sale on Craigslist. The guy named his creation “the investor’s dream” and stated that it was going up for sale for $4.5 million. Ron said that the “house” was going to get demolished on the 1st of January and this is the chance of a lifetime not to have your very own gingerbread home, but also to save it from getting “demolished” (a.k.a. eaten). According to Ron’s Craigslist ad, the house is listed only for “serious byers” and that it costs exactly as much as real estate agents and developers are asking for small lots in Ron’s area.

Ron isn’t the only person, who thinks Vancouver-based real estate prices are cosmic. In fact, his Craigslist ad has gained quite the positive outcome thanks to the fact that many developers and brokers have pumped up the prices of even the tiniest of lots as if they are selling condos or houses in the most popular areas of New York, Tokyo or other huge city. Ron’s ad aimed to show the public the ridiculousness of the real estate market in Vancouver nowadays and the guy definitely reached his goal – regardless of the fact that he won’t be able to sell his own gingerbread house for $4.5 million or nowhere near the asking price.


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