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Google have decided to continue working on their failed product Google Glass and there’s already proof that Google Glass 2.0 is indeed happening!

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Shortly after Google launched its wearable computer, Google Glass, back in 2012 critics from all over the world claimed it as user unfriendly, invasive of the user’s personal space and even possibly hazardous. It was reported that motor vehicle drivers were banned from using Google Glass behind the wheel and that some users were afraid the glass-shaped computer was recording each and every single move they made without their actual knowledge. Thus, after the rocky start Google Glass had the tech giant was forced to stop distributing it. However, there are reports that version 2.0 of the infamous glasses is currently under development.

The new prototypes look similar to the old ones, but the reports are hinting the Google Glass 2.0 will have an Intel Atom processor and will offer a larger prism. Furthermore, Google are currently re-branding the new product and Google Glass 2.0 will allegedly be targeting businesses instead of individual clients, who would want it for purposes of everyday use. If Google’s plan succeeds and they manage to attract enough business for the 2.0 version, Google Glass might finally have its breakthrough. One of the few perks of Glass being distributed as a business tool is the fact that it will no longer be seen as too expensive and too complex by the everyday user.


These reports are coming alongside several pictures showing the exterior and the inside of a Google Glass 2.0 computer. Google officials, however, still haven’t released any official statement regarding their plans of reviving Google Glass, let alone any information on how much the new product will cost this time and when it will go up for sale on the market.


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