Did you know that Google is apologizing for the Minion…


The tech giant Google is apologizing for this year’s Minion April Fools’ Day joke.

Image Source: GOOGLE
Image Source: GOOGLE

When you’re one of the leading tech moguls in this modern day and age people from all over the world are just dying to see what you’ve planned to prank them with for April Fools’ Day. However, this April a lot of people weren’t happy with what Google threw at them.

The Minion joke in question was a “Mic Drop” feature, which appeared in Gmail users’ e-mail threads. It appeared as an icon of a bright yellow Minion that’s about to drop a microphone down. The feature was supposed to prank them into closing their threads prematurely while they were thinking it was just a new Send feature on their Gmail. Unfortunately, this caused lots of trouble not only for tons of people, but also for the company. The guys over at Google were forced to call it off as they received countless complaints that overloaded their servers. Eventually, Google not only took the Minion feature down before the end of April Fools’ Day. Not only that, but the company is also apologizing to everybody, who got hurt through the prank.


An official spokesperson for Google stated that the company’s staff had rather “pranked themselves this year” as their joke backfired and eventually resulted in causing a lot of headaches – not only to Gmail users, but also to the tech giant as well. Official reports state that some people got so hurt by the process that one person went as far as complaining that he/ she lost his/ her job! The unnamed person in question explained how the job required sending over written material to his/ her boss and when that boss didn’t get the e-mail (thanks to the Minion “Mic Drop” feature that closed the thread prematurely), the person lost the job!


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