Did you know that Google is testing 5G Internet 40 times faster than…


Google is currently carrying out tests of its Project SkyBender – a 5G Internet connection that’s allegedly 40 times faster than the 4G one.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

The 4G LTE mobile Internet has made its way all over the world since it was first released in Sweden and Norway in 2009. And now Google is on its way of bringing us 5G – the next generation of mobile Internet.
The project is named SkyBender and its entirety is still secretive, but some information about its intentions and main focus has been leaked. The tech giant has built an installation of several transceivers at New Mexico’s Spaceport America and is currently carrying out tests there. The transceivers are just prototypes and if everything goes according to the plan, they could be transmitting 5G signals. But how will Google carry the waves to actual users? Here’s where modern technology comes in. According to the leaked information, the company will deliver 5G with drones, which will be fueled by solar power. For nearly a year now Google has been using the 15,000 square feet of storage space they rented on the fields. The tests are supposed to answer one simple question – can these drones really carry through 5G Internet signals with the help of the transceivers?

In theory – it really is possible. But how would Google make it a reality? Well, the 5G connection will allegedly be transmitted through high frequency millimeter waves. These waves are so powerful that they could carry through gigabytes of information in a single second! In other words, if Google’s Project SkyBender succeeds, this new 5G connection will be 40 times faster than the 4G LTE we currently have! Unfortunately, there are many tech barriers that need to be overpowered before 5G can go in actual testing phase – like the fact that millimeter waves have a shorter range than the standard mobile phone signal’s one.


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