Did you know that Google is trying to integrate cameras into con…


It might sound creepy, but it’s actually meant to help people instead of make them feel like Big Brother is watching from the corner of their eye.


Google is trying to get a patent for integrating cameras into special contact lenses. The smart lenses will be equipped with a miniature camera, which won’t affect the eye’s pupil, but will be able to track even the slightest glance of the user. The smart lenses will connect to a smartphone and transmit data about colors, objects, people, etc. Google believes they could be a hit among people with vision problems and that this product could make their lives much easier. Apart from disabled users, the smart lenses could also be used by law enforcement officers, since they can store useful data and serve as face recognition software.


Regardless of how creepy or useful the smart lenses sound, there’s no official information on whether they will actually become more than just a theory for Google, let alone info on what their potential price might be or when they will hit the market.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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