Did you know that Graffiti Artist Tested the Patience of Local Authorities with this…


One anonymous graffiti artist, probably from the UK or Australia, decided to carry out a social experiment just for the kicks of it. And it turned out to be hilarious!

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

So, the anonymous person has been passing by a small brick building on his way to work every single day. What caught his attention was the fact that part of the building was painted in red and the graffiti scrawls over the red paint were just painted over with more red paint. On the other hand, the graffiti on the rest of the bricks were simply removed with the pressure washing technique.


So, the anonymous artist decided to see if his own graffiti would be treated the same way. He started drawing the word “red” on the red portion of the brick wall day after day and day after day the residents living in the area would paint over the word with red paint. The artist did the same thing several times in a row, but he always changed the position of the word “red” up until the entire wall was painted over with fresh red paint. So, once he ran short on “canvas”, he decided to write “Red?” with a question mark above the red area. Of course, the graffiti got washed away. The next day he kept going and he kept doing so over the course of an entire year. He left a lot of hilarious messages, such as “Pressure Wash” this area, “What about this?”, “Paint red”, “You went above the line”, and so on. Eventually, the locals painted the entire building red.

Check out the pictures showing the work in progress of this hilarious social experiment. It will most definitely make your entire day better!


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