Did you know that Gwen Stefani learned about No Doubt’s new band from…


Gwen Stefani, the former front woman of No Doubt, learned that her old bandmates have teamed up for a new band not thanks to the guys, but thanks to the Internet!

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

No Doubt used to be quite successful up until 2004 when Gwen decided to go solo and released her first studio album as a solo recording artist – Love. Angel. Music. Baby. In 2012 the band managed to release another album as a group, entitled Push and Shove, but ever since then all four former musicians have been focusing on their own personal lives and careers. Up until now, when it became clear that Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young have teamed up with Davey Havok – the lead vocalist of the band AFI, and they have formed a new band.


Stefani appeared on Jimmy Kimmel shortly after her performance at the Grammy Awards and revealed that she learned about the new band from the Internet! The 46 year old blonde shared that her former band members didn’t bother telling her that they were about to embark on such a journey, so she had to learn about their plans on the web. Gwen also shared that while the new project still doesn’t have a name, she knows they will be making punk music. The singer also joked about how she was wondering what the No Doubt guys would think if she picked up the phone and told them that she wants to take part in the band once again as a lead singer.

Regardless of how she learned about her pals’ new band, Gwen is far from experiencing any lows in her own solo music career. Apart from experiencing the honor of performing at the Grammys, she’s also releasing a new album in March this year, entitled This Is What The Truth Feels Like. The first two singles of the new album, Used To Love You and Make Me Like You have already been released.


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