Did you know that hackers are using LinkedIn in order to steal your…


According to recent reports, hackers are using fake LinkedIn profiles with the intentions of stealing your personal data.

Image Source: LiknedIn screenshot
Image Source: LiknedIn screenshot

In this modern day and age when everything is digital, we can never be 100% sure than our data will be protected at all times, regardless of how secure or paranoid we tend to get.

It’s not a secret that hackers and spammers tend to use e-mails or social media networks like Twitter to cheat you out of clicking on shady links, gaining followers or giving out personal information. But it seems that in recent years more and more spammers and hackers are opting for LinkedIn instead of the good old e-mail scams. A number of reports show how hackers use fake LinkedIn profiles in order to appeal more attractive and trustworthy to their targets before they find a way to either steal their data or just to make them click on the links they are sending out. So, how are they doing it?


It’s pretty simple. They choose a picture of an attractive person, they build an impressive portfolio, which is often copied off the portfolio of an actual professional and they form a list of connections of both other fake profiles and actual highly experienced people working in various areas. Thus, when they approach a non-suspecting individual on the website, they look presentable and trustworthy. Once the hacker connects with the target and gains his/ her trust, it becomes quite easy for the cyber-criminal to get what he/ she wants.

Since LinkedIn is packed with career climbers and people, who are already established on the market, it’s easier for hackers to steal from wealthy and authoritative targets than from other people using e-mail spam or other types of attacks on other social networking websites.


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