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Harry Styles made tons of teenage girls scream once again after he paid for a fan’s dinner in a restaurant in LA and his actions went viral on Twitter.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The 22 year old British pop star might be on a hiatus from making music with the rest of the guys from One Direction, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t constantly ending up in the headlines. This time the young Briton made a bunch of fans go into awe of his kindness towards a fan he met in LA.

Styles was dining out at some restaurant in Los Angeles when he spotted a fan of his being all nervous from the fact that she recognized him, so he decided to do something kind for her. The fan in question, Sofia, blew up Twitter with tons of tweets regarding the fact that she had seen her idol in person and that he was dining at the same place as her family in that moment. Eventually, Sofia went on to explain that Styles had also paid for her dinner. The girl posted videos of the 22 year old British star holding her little sister and chatting with her family. Of course, some of her tweets were also filled with classical fan-girl-ing shout-outs regarding how he smelled and how cute he looked.


Styles usually blows up his fan-base on Twitter each time he takes the time to snap a selfie with one of his screaming fans, so the fact that he paid for his fan’s dinner and his actions went viral isn’t that shocking. What’s truly shocking, however, is the fact that One Direction fans will stop at nothing when it comes to approaching their idols. Styles’ older sister, Gemma, recently revealed that he was actually approached by some crazy fan and asked for a photo at his own grandmother’s funeral!


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