Did you know that he guy who invented Flappy Bird has come up with a…


Remember the Flappy Bird craze? Earlier this year, smartphone users went crazy when Dong Nguyen, the creator of the famous Flappy Bird app, decided to take it down for good. It was frustrating for users, even more so than having to constantly start over again in the game, but somehow the whole world managed to move on from it. Until now.

Picture: File
Picture: File

Mr. Nguyen has presented his newest product – Swing Copters. Its interface is similar to that of his previous product – bright colors, retro-styled graphics and that frustrating and maddening tapping on your phone’s screen in order to survive in the game. Not only is Swing Copters harder than Flappy Bird, but it also brings back memories of that fateful day in February when we got our new favorite game snatched away from us in the blink of an eye. Who can guarantee that Nguyen won’t do it again with Swing Copters?


However, this game might not live up to its predecessor’s success, since it was rated with only 3 stars out from over 2,000 reviews.


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