Did you know that Hilary Duff is paying her extremely rich ex-husband…


Hilary Duff has been ordered to pay $2.5 million to her extremely rich ex-husband in divorce settlement.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

The 28 year old former Disney child star filed for divorce from her ex-husband Mike Comrie a year ago and according to official reports, the divorce has finally been finalized. While the superstar couple have shared custody over their 3 year old son, a pre-nuptial agreement and tons of millions in their bank accounts, things aren’t looking good for Hilary. Duff reportedly has a net worth of $25 million earned from her acting career, singing, writing books and modeling for various brands. However, Duff’s wealth is nothing compared to her extremely rich ex, who is not only a former professional ice hockey player, but is also the wealthy heir of the multi-successful The Brick – a furniture company, which got sold for $700 million back in 2012. Mike’s net worth rounds up about $500 million, but official reports state that Duff is paying him $2.5 million.


So, why is Hilary paying $2.5 million to her ex, when he owns hundreds of millions? Well, the 28 year old Texas-native star is trying to buy out his share of the mansion the two of them used to share in Beverly Hills. Strangely enough, Duff claimed that they share custody over their son and that they are on friendly terms, but she’s still paying him millions just to get rid of him? The divorce settlement also claims that Duff’s ex-husband gets to keep his super expensive cars – 2013 Mercedes G-class and a 2014 Bentley coupe – additionally to the whopping $2.5 million check he’ll get out of Hilary. Having in mind the fact that he’s so rich, Mike Comrie could have spared Hilary this particular settlement and could have just moved out without requesting millions. But we all know that Hollywood divorces tend to get ugly for at least one of the parties…


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