Did You Know That 'Home Alone' Was No.1 At The Box Office For 12 Straight Weeks And Its…


One of the most popular all-time favorite movies from the 90s in America is the comedy “Home Alone”.
This ridiculously entertaining family movie grossed the astonishing $17 million just in its opening weekend. Thereafter the live-action comedy became so popular that it stayed in the cinemas worldwide and at the top of the box office for the amazing 12 weeks.

“Home Alone” was first released in November 1990 and was the number 1 box office movie even well past Easter 1991. The children’s most favorite comedy was still making appearances on TV and cinema continuing to break the box office records when it made a final gross of $290 million. This incredible achievement even earned the movie a spot in Guinness World Records book as the highest-earning live-action comedy sequence ever.

The star of the movie Macaulay Culkin sealed his spot in the comedy Hall of Fame since a very early age. His incredible talent and performance even earned him the American Comedy Award in 1991 for being the funniest leading actor in a motion picture.



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