Did You Know That Humans Carry More Bacterial Cells Than …..


We are all educated since early age of all the potential hazards that dirty hands might pose. Germs and all sorts of bacteria are dangerous for our bodies and health. This is why we know that we have to protect ourselves from the invisible world of bacteria in every possible way: from regularly washing our hands to meticulously cleaning our homes.


It’s good to know that all our efforts are in reality totally in vain. The truth is that all of our bodies are walking bacterial colonies. The bacteria living inside your body can fill a half-gallon can. Dr. Bohach, a microbiologist at the University of Idaho, and her research ream have discovered that there are 10 times more bacteria compared to human cells currently living inside your body.


Bacteria are capable of outnumbering the human cells because they are relatively smaller in size. As this may seem like an utterly gross fact in reality it’s quite beneficial for the human organism. For example, bacteria are able to produce important chemicals that enable us to harness energy and valuable nutrients from food more efficiently. Lastly, some bacteria actually work for the benefit of the immune system by fighting off other bacteria that carries viruses.


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