Did you know that hungry thieves broke into an EU politician's car and stole…


When thieves break into homes or vehicles, they usually take something of extreme importance. However, in this case they decided a pie was more worthy than the official documents of a European politician.


Viviane Reding, the 62 year old Vice-President of the European Commission, was coming out of an official meeting in London when she discovered some thieves had broken into her car. The worried woman couldn’t believe her eyes when she realized her official papers were left in the car, but her clothes were missing along with her pie. Mrs. Reding had brought the pie from a farmer’s market because she loves British dishes, but wasn’t able to enjoy it thanks to the hungry thieves. When asked about the misfortune, the Vice-President told the media she was hoping the thieves would eat it, instead of waste it by throwing it away.


Apart from taking the clothes and the pie, the thieves also took some of her jewelry pieces.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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