Did you know that ice cubes found at Chinese KFC chain were 12 times dirtier than…


If you are planning to visit China, you may want to avoid dining at KFC restaurants in the country. According to a TV program broadcast on the China Central Television, polluted ice cubes were found at the chain. In fact, these ice cubes were 12 times dirtier than toilet water. But that’s not all – they were also 19 times higher than the standards for bacteria level in drinking water in the country.
China is the biggest market for the KFC chain but the company has already suffered decreased sales because of concerns associated with an outbreak of Avian flu a year ago. KFC has been negatively affected and the current news doesn’t improve the situation at all.


The management of KFC posted an apology to all their customers in China and made it clear that they have sent executives to check the case. A spokesman of the parent company, Yum! Brands Inc. also stated that the information would be investigated and defined the case as an “isolated” incident.


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