Did you know that iconic rappers Busta Rhymes, Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, and DMX all went to…


Some of the greatest rappers we know today have been participating in rap battles ever since their childhood years. Take Jay Z and Busta Rhymes for example – the two of them battled each other in the lunchroom of their high school.

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Shawn Corey Carter and Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr, which are the rappers’ real names, went to the same high school in Brooklyn, New York – the George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School. Not only that, but they also attended with fellow rappers DMX and Biggie Smalls (Notorious B.I.G.). The four rappers were friendly at school and even when they were engaged in a rap battle, they were still competing in a friendly way. They kept their friendship through the years and have even supported each other on tours.
The New York Times discovered the connection between the four men back in 2013, when they did a feature story on the relevance between a person’s location and their success in later life. The study concluded that the more populated and major cities (just like New York, for example) produced more stars than smaller cities.


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