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Did you know that If you don't delete your browser cookies the plane tickets…


Andrew Sampson from the UK came upon an interesting discovery once while he was trying to book a plane ticket with low cost company Ryanair. He noticed that the prices of the tickets were fluctuating depending on whether one has visited their website shortly beforehand : the prices went up the second time Sampson searched for a ticket although he was searching for the exact same destination, time and date. He tried deleting the browser cookies and the original, cheaper price of the ticket was available again.


Dominik Jennings, a regular client of Ryanair, shares he experiences the same thing when looking for an available flight. Jennings report the company has been involved in this shady practice for years and suggests that customers join forces in order to seek legal action against Ryanair. The company is also known for charging double bank fees on return tickets, which is often considered unethical by some clients, and sometimes results in doubling the ticket price.


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