Did you know that if you hack a Facebook profile in Bulgaria, you…


Hackers are a common problem all around the world. And by the looks of it, hacking has become such a problem in Bulgaria, that the new penalty code will even involve a clause against hacking a Facebook profile, which will ultimately make it an illegal act of crime.


The new penalty code was presented earlier this month by Bulgaria’s Department of Justice. Some of its clauses were explained by Bulgaria’s Minister of Justice – Zinaida Zlatanova. Since the previous penalty code was 45 years old and has already had more than 90 amends, it needed more than a change of few clauses. One of the new clauses is regarding the hacking and the cybercrimes. According to the code, you will face up to a year behind bars if you hack a Facebook profile or someone else’s password. Common hackers may even face two years in jail even if they aren’t involved in invading a Facebook profile.


The new penalty code will also remove the life imprisonment in Bulgaria. According to officials, its aim is to straighten up criminals.


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