Did you know that If your iPhone 6 screen is too big for your thumb, than this crazy invention is…


Are you having problems coping with the difference between your thumb’s stretching range and the huge screen on your iPhone 6? Are you bored with a dull, standardized stylus shaped like a pen? Then this is just the thing you need!

Image Source: AFP
Image Source: AFP

Thanko, a gadget manufacturer based in Japan, has the solution to your problems. Thanko’s gadget is actually a stylus that doesn’t look like a stylus at all. The product is called Yubi Nobiiru, which means “stretched finger” in English, and it’s a thumb-shaped stylus that will probably make you laugh. The company is advertising their thumb as the perfect answer to the big screen problem, which many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users have. The plastic thumb stretches out your own thumb’s range by an additional 1.5 centimeters and its tip is designed to work like that of any other stylus.


Thanko claims that the plastic thumb’s sales have been quite steady since its recent launch.


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