Did you know that IKEA uses a technique called 'bulla bulla' which is…


Back in 2011 Ikea had countless stores in nearly 40 countries. Nowadays it makes solid revenue of more than $28 billion dollars per year. So how does the company trick people into buying their stuff?

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Apart from shipping furniture in flat packages and providing products that are supposed to be fun (but are more often frustrating) to assemble on your own, their main marketing strategy is the outline of their stores. The design of each Ikea store is similar in every part of the world. They basically build boxes (or bins), in which they store lots of furniture and decorating goods. Take a kid’s bedroom for example – you will see a lovely scheme of colors centered around a fully stocked room – a bed with storage space/containers underneath it, a desk, a chair, a wardrobe, bed sheets, carpeting, back-to-school goods, toys and even window drapes. It creates the illusion that you can stock your kid’s room with everything he/she needs from one place.


This strategy is called “bulla bulla” – it’s basically placing lots of stuff in a single bin, which creates the illusion of inexpensiveness, completeness and volume.


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