Did you know that in 1994, Crayola released a set of scented crayons but had to remove some of the…


As shocking as it may sound, countless moms were thinking the above mentioned sentence two decades ago.


Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Back in 1994 Crayola – the most famous crayon manufacturer – presented a new kind of crayons to its customers. Multi-colored crayons were no longer good enough, so the company decided to give some boost to its products. That’s how the idea of the Magic Scent series came to life. These sets came in 30 various scents – from rose and tulip to pine and dirt and even fruity aromas like banana, blueberry, bubblegum, cherry and so on. Unfortunately, the kids loved the Magic Scent crayons too much – they loved them to a point of using them for food instead of for drawing. A great number of parents complained that their kids were trying to eat the crayons thanks to their fruity scents, so Crayola was forced to change some of their Magic Scent products for scented ones that didn’t smell like chocolate or blueberry.


Unfortunately, even nowadays kids tend to put everything that’s fascinating to them in their mouths. 


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