Did You Know That In 1997 Mysterious Hovering Lights Have Been Seen Over Phoenix And It Still ….


The Phoenix Lights are one of the most widely seen and still unexplained phenomenon.
On March 13, 1997 the emergency lines were over flooded with hundreds of calls from worried American citizens. All people claimed to have seen a giant hovering unidentified flying object that emitted 5 distinct spherical lights that started slowly going out one by one. The lights formed a “V” shape and were moving very slowly.


The alleged UFO was spotted flying over the states of Arizona and Nevada as well as in Sonora, Mexico.

When asked the military said that these were signal flares dropped by a passing bomber airplane that was engaged in a practice drill.


The explanation of the government and military did not satisfy the curious folk who saw the flying lights and the unknown aircraft that emitted them. Even the governor of the state said he had seen the V-shaped aircraft with the 5 geometrically arranged lights. Unfortunately, even the governor could not find a genuine explanation.

The mystery of the Phoenix lights is a bizarre paranormal phenomenon that has remained unsolved for 16 years.


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