Did you know that in 1998, Daniel Baldwin was found running naked through the halls of


Daniel Baldwin, the second eldest actor from the four Baldwin brothers, is a household name. His most notable role came in the NBC TV series Homicide: Life on the Street. However, his name and his social status couldn’t save him from being held in custody.


One of his many arrests took place in 1998 at the Plaza Hotel in New York. Baldwin was running through the halls of the hotel naked and was shouting his last name all over the place. After the police arrested him, he pled guilty. Furthermore, he was caught with possession of illegal substances.


Later Baldwin admitted he had been fighting his drug addiction ever since 1989. After the arrest he was sent to rehab for 3 months. However, it looks like the actor never fully recovered. He got arrested several times through the following years, mostly for stealing vehicles and causing a massive car accident.


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