Did You Know That In 2005 A Woman Performing Her First Solo Skydive Jump Survived A Parachute Malfunction Which …….


On October 9, 2005 a horrific accident occurred in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. The accident happened during the first ever accelerated free fall of the 21-year-old back then rookie skydiver Shayna Richardson.

During her freefall from nearly 11,000 ft. Shayna’s main parachute malfunctioned resulting in an uncontrollable life-threatening spin. The lack of experience made the terrified skydiver completely cut off her primary parachute instead of trying to correct her fall by using the brakes. After the main chute failed Shayna opened up the secondary reserve chute hoping it would open up correctly and save her life.


Unfortunately, the second “guaranteed open” opened up slightly entangled. At that point Shayna was already spinning and randomly falling towards the ground with an estimated speed of 50 mp/h. She eventually landed in a parking lot and hit the ground face first. The whole thing took place in front of the terrified accompanying instructor Rick West who was also Shayna’s boyfriend.


Despite the hardcore landing the lucky skydiver managed to survive. However, Shayna was severely injured: she had broken facial bones, six missing teeth, broken legs as well as a shattered in two places pelvis.

While in the hospital the surgeons also discovered Shayna was pregnant. Amazingly, her baby suffered no injuries from the fall and was successfully born in June, 2006.


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